Breeding Service


We provide fully breeding services.
Let us explain to you what it means by “Full Service”. When you pay the required breeding fee, you will get full access to Boston Bulldog studs (males). Full breeding also means that we will take care of the whole breeding process. We will breed them naturally as we always do.
Ira is not just a breeder but a bulldog judge as well. She is knowledgeable about the different typed of breed and how to care for them individually. Ira will be giving you advice based on the type of bulldog when regarding the breeding pregnancy. She will also teach you how to raise a healthy and social puppy.
When it comes to full service, not only do we take over the breeding process but we will also help you sell the litter that was born. There is a requirement fee of 10% of the puppy cost.
​•​We have all the different types of French bulldogs. We also have rare colors, such as revers cream, blue, white-blue, black and tan (Rottweiler color). We also have regular colors such is white-red, red, fawn, white-black.
The requirements for the full breeding services are

1. Boston Bulldog will not accept your offer if you are not registered as a business. You will have to pay taxes and cannot go around the law. Its best to go somewhere else if that was your intention.
2. You will have to put your request in 3 weeks in advanced due to the fact that some of our males are in Ukraine. When you request service for a male that we have in Ukraine, the chances of us flying him to the states in time are much higher we get AT LEAST a 3-week notice.
3. The fee for full breeding is $10,000 to $12,000