Boston Bulllldog health commitment


Our first priority is health. We do not sell puppies without vaccination

(6-8weeks old) We sell our puppies only after they received their shots at 4 months of age.

We are checking our puppies with multiple veterinarians who specializes in bulldogs so we can get the best results and opinions.

When it comes to the health of every single puppy in a litter, Boston Bulldog family is willing to go the extra mile to check not just the external health of the puppies but also the internal.

At 3.5-month-old we prefer for our puppies to receive a full ultrasound of the kidneys, heart and liver. And we do FULL X-rays to check the internal and to confirm again that the each and every single puppy is healthy.

X-Ray is extremely important to identify potential issues leading to late life disability to walk.

Bulldogs tend to be classified as having heart and back problems However, by monitoring and selecting bloodlines for over 25 years and then preforming full screening, we guarantee that you are adopting a 100% healthy puppy without any surprise!